Chris Scott

Inflatable Kayaking: A Beginner's Guide

There has been an explosion of interest in paddling right across the world — in 2020, British Canoeing reported a 40% rise in members, with 19,000 signing up in a 3-month period. Much of this interest has been in inflatable kayaks, with the author's own website (inflatablekayaksandpackrafts.com) averaging 1,000 visits a day. The comparatively low cost, the convenience of inflatable kayaks, and the fact that you can just get in and go, all add up to their appeal. And with thousands of miles of waterways in the UK, most are within reach of a river or canal where you can paddle your kayak and enjoy being in the fresh air, gently travelling through the natural world. You see the country from a different perspective and in an eco-friendly way. But, as with everything, a little bit of knowledge and technique makes the experience so much more enjoyable! That is where this book comes in. It provides a perfect introduction to the sport. It takes you through the different types of inflatable kayaks, so you buy the one that is right for you. It shows you the basic on-the-water skills that you will need, including getting in and out, how to paddle straight and turn. It outlines the gear you will need and talks about where to paddle as well as weather, safety, maintenance and repair of your equipment. It covers kayaking in rivers and canals, lakes and lochs, and coastal kayaking. All aspects are heavily illustrated with colour photographs making it easy to understand and clear to follow.
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