Dominate Your Goals, Steve Mehr
Steve Mehr

Dominate Your Goals

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This book focuses on how to properly set goals and how to stay on track to achieve them. You'll learn from Steve's first hand experience as a serial entrepreneur and get exclusive mindset tips to keep you focused on your path.

We’ve Created This eBook So It Is:

- Easy to read and understand – Short and to the point.

- Practical – A printable goal-setting worksheet is included.

- Direct – Proven ways to achieve your goals, no fluff.

Take a lesson from an expert, you can achieve your goals.
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You should not fear saying “No.” “No” should be the most powerful word in your life. Too many people say “Yes” without understanding the consequences. If you want to achieve YOUR goals, if you want to have the life YOU dream of, if you don’t want to struggle for the rest of YOUR life, YOU need to put your goals ahead of other people’s wants and needs.
Goal-setting is divided into two categories – personal goals and professional goals.
dominate your life and get what you want.
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