History of 20th Century Fashion, Elizabeth Ewing
Elizabeth Ewing

History of 20th Century Fashion

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The first edition of this book established itself as required reading for all those interested in the development of the fashion business. There are other books on contemporary dress, but this account gives particular weight to the commercial organization of the industry; from designer and textile manufacturer right through to the consumer. This completely revised edition brings the story up to the 1990s with new text, 280 illustrations and 16 color plates. Fashion in this century has ceased to be the private domain of the wealthy. The era when such names as Worth, Paquin and Sciaparelli could dominate has given way to one where style and 'look' can be taken from a host of various sources: designers and manufacturers, department and chain stores, the boutiques or the streets. This established reference work looks behind the scenes for an understanding of the social, economic and technical changes that have caused this revolution. It is a story of fashion shocks: two world wars, the impact of new fibers and manufacturing techniques, and the succession of youth explosions: mini-skirts, punk and sportswear. The narrative is based on research into the history of couture houses, retailers and manufacturers and the authors' experience and contact with the fashion business.
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to wearing the correct clothes on all occasions.
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budgeting, costing, statistical analysis and finance in general
Dina Idrissova
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Fashion is no longer dictated by High Society ; as often as not it is triggered off and swept into favour by the anonymous but compulsive force of this or that section of the masses. It is news. It moves under a constant floodlight of publicity.
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