Tim Lewis

Social Media Networking

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    As a very simple summary, you need to do the following:
    Be active on social media.
    Search out and communicate with people in the sector that you are interested in.
    Don't look at everything as a transaction; look to develop relationships.
    Don't focus on one person, be flexible and look for groups of people and don't obsess about individuals.
    Favour people you have a natural rapport with over someone more important who turns you off personally.
    Don't forget to be a nice person. Relationships should be a win-win for everyone if done correctly.
    Both consume and produce content; schedule your consumption and set up your notifications so social media doesn't take over your whole life.
    Don't waste time producing large-scale content like a blog or a podcast unless you have other valid reasons to do so (like you have a particular interest or to build a business).
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    think if your aim is to find a job then I think any content you produce should show your knowledge and interest in the kind of job you are looking for.
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    generally the principles are to show interest, attention and care.
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    The most important kind of interaction is of course commenting on people's posts, either as tweet replies, or as comments on Facebook and LinkedIn.
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    But clearly "be social" and "be human" is too general advice.
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    I have a product, how do I sell it?
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