Charlotte Stein

Power Play

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Meet Eleanor Harding, a woman who loves to be in control and who puts Anastasia Steele in the shade. Now she’s the boss, everything that once seemed forbidden is possible…
From the author of the best selling ‘Sheltered’, Charlotte Stein’s ‘Power Play’ is the perfect read for anyone lusting after more than ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.
When Eleanor Harding is promoted, she loses two very important things: the heated relationship she had with her boss, and control over her own desires.
She finds herself suddenly craving something very different – and office junior, Ben, seems like just the sort of man to fulfil her needs. He’s willing to show her all of the things she’s been missing – namely, what it’s like to be the one in charge.
Now all Eleanor has to do is decide…is Ben calling the kinky shots, or is she?
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    me as he kisses and fondles his way down my

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