Adam Alexander Haviaras

Chariot of the Son

Long ago, when gods and heroes walked the earth in triumph and tragedy, true love and epic deeds were set among the stars…

Far away, on the distant plains of ancient Ethiopia, Phaethon’s greatest joy in life comes from watching the Sun travel across the heavens. But he longs for something more…

When the sad bonds of his lonesome existence are about to overwhelm him, a great truth is revealed to Phaethon that sets him off on an epic adventure to unite his family and discover his life’s purpose.

Will Phaethon succeed in his quest and find his place in the order of things?

In this story of love, loss, and of deep yearning to find one’s place and make a difference in a world, only the Gods of Olympus can decide…

Chariot of the Son is an epic retelling of the Phaethon story from Greek mythology. It is the first book in this mythological fantasy series by best-selling and award-winning author and historian, Adam Alexander Haviaras.

If you enjoy books by Madeline Miller, Stephen Fry, Natalie Haynes or Jennifer Saint then you will love the Mythologia series.

Download Chariot of the Son today and prepare to experience immortality with the gods and heroes of the ancient world!
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