Citati iz knjige „From Ashes“ autora Molly McAdams

We better get going
Her smile widened
“Mother is a very loose term for her,
crawling into bed
took my breath away

. أخذت أنفاسي بعيدا

perfectly kissable lips
Rebirth and renewal
It didn’t help that even though I still loved horses, whenever I saw them I couldn’t stop thinking about my dad.
no one will have
My hero had died, and the mom I loved had disappeared down a bottle; no way was I letting someone take me from Ty too.
he helped me into his room, gave me some of his pajamas since my nightshirt was covered in blood, and held my hand as we fell asleep in his bed.
I asked who Jeff was and why he was telling me to call him Dad, and my mom hit me across the back with the new scotch bottle she’d been attempting to open
My sweet, gentle mother who couldn’t kill a spider, let alone spank her own daughter when she misbehaved, hit me.
That night was the first time I’d ever been hit, and it was by my own mother.
She made time for her girlfriends but stopped waking me up for school, stopped making me food, forgot to pick me up from school—pretty much just forgot I even existed
Her morning coffee always had rum in it, by ten in the morning she was making margaritas,
My mom started drinking obsessively when he died.
And although I tried to keep a ring he’d had all his adult life with a phoenix on it, my mom had found and hidden it not long after he died, and I hadn’t seen it since.
Mom had let Dad have his way with a large outline of a phoenix painted directly above my bed for when I started kindergarten, a painting that’s still there today, though Mom constantly threatened to paint over it.
But now, other than precious memories, all I have left of him is his love for the
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