The Crowd; study of the popular mind, Gustave Le Bon
Gustave Le Bon

The Crowd; study of the popular mind

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One of the greatest and most influential books of social psychology ever written, brilliantly instructive on the general characteristics and mental unity of a crowd, its sentiments and morality, ideas, reasoning power, imagination, opinions and much more. A must-read volume for students of history, sociology, law and psychology.
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Rrezearta Elezi
Rrezearta Elezije citiralaпре 5 месеци
Nature has recourse at times to radical measures, but never after our fashion, which explains how it is that nothing is more fatal to a people than the mania for great reforms, however excellent these reforms may appear theoretically. They would only be useful were it possible to change instantaneously the genius of nations.
Krystyna Popova
Krystyna Popovaje citiralaпре 3 године
The conclusion to be drawn from what precedes is, that the crowd is always intellectually inferior to the isolated individual, but that, from the point of view of feelings and of the acts these feelings provoke, the crowd may, according to circumstances, be better or worse than the individual.
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