Rupi Kaur

the moon and her stars

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Divided into five chapters and illustrated by kaur, the moon and her stars is a journey of love, falling, rising, inspiration, and growing.
A celebration of life and love in all its forms. The hands of time cannot touch us i said, why? he asked, i kissed his lips before saying: because our love is timeless.
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    b0348052374je podelio/la utisakпрошле године

    Omg u so inspiring keep it up x❤ waiting to read more lovely bookss

    b9430118093je podelio/la utisakпре 7 месеци
    👍Vredna čitanja

    b2129427826je podelio/la utisakпре 8 месеци
    👍Vredna čitanja


    Evelina Todorovaje citiraoпре 4 месеца
    they tell us our hips are

    too wide

    our bellies are too fat

    our eyebrows too hairy

    our arms too flabby

    our breasts too small

    our butts too large

    our clothes too revealing

    breaking us down like legos

    left to build ourselves back up

    higher and stronger than


    before was yesterday

    today is today

    today i am a skyscraper

    you knew me when i was a cottage

    The Khaira'sje citiraoпре 4 месеца
    you wanted

    a vacation

    when I wanted


    Line Pedersenje citiraoпре 5 месеци
    do not wait to tell her
    i love you
    these three words
    are timeless

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