Anna Adams

The Sinister Master

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Long ago, a prophecy revealed that only a mysterious Sinister Artisan who mastered the three magical Arts would bring peace to the land of Arcashala.

Born and raised in Paris, Esraa is a fifteen-year-old Artisan who can't be bothered with the plight of her people back in Arcashala.

She cares only about herself — and her younger brother. Watching over Alex, is work enough. Especially given his passion for flying his pet dragon off the Eiffel Tower! Esraa would much rather learn magic.

Unfortunately, her magic always backfires.

If only she wasn't left-handed.

The only person who could help, the left-handed Master Gesar, is in Arcashala, hiding from Montesang, the evil ruler of the land.

But after Montesang issues a new order to wipe out every last left-handed Artisan in Paris, Esraa can no longer afford to remain uninvolved.

Forced to leave her home to find Master Gesar, she will embark on an incredible journey with Alex to a magical world that will change their lives, and the meaning of sinister, forever.
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