Limestone and Clay, Lesley Glaister
Lesley Glaister

Limestone and Clay

Winner of the Yorkshire Post Author of the Year Award:Lesley Glaister spins a couple’s ordinary domestic problems into a riveting tale of psychological suspense

Nadia is a sculptor driven by a single obsession: to conceive a child. Her husband, Simon, a geography professor, is on a quest to uncover new worlds beneath the earth’s surface. Each consumed by private passions, the two live a blinkered coexistence, unable to see the bigger picture until it’s too late.
Simon’s latest project, the exploration of an unmapped cave, is fraught with danger, taking him on a journey to plumb the most secret of places. Alone, Nadia is left to ponder her own interior mystery of being unable to bring a baby to term. When she learns that Simon has acted as a sperm donor to his former lover, who is now pregnant with his child, Nadia views it as the ultimate betrayal.
With a cast of unforgettable characters, including an eccentric clairvoyant, and a nail-biting climax at the mouth of a cave, Limestone and Clay tells a tale of love, survival, and uncommon suspense.
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