Summary of Measure What Matters, John Doerr
John Doerr

Summary of Measure What Matters

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Objectives and key results or OKRs refer to a process that assists in moving organizations ahead. OKRs offer visibility and enable pushing back while staying fruitful. OKRs have helped Google accomplish 10-times growth several times and made it possible for Google to arrange information all over the globe. They have also made it possible for Google's workers to work accurately.

Part 1 of the book details the main features of the OKR system and the way in which it converts good ideas into better execution and workplace satisfaction. Part 2 shares the main applications and implications of OKRs for a new work setting.
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What is most significant for the subsequent three or six or twelve months?
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The key result should be strictly measurable. In the end when you ask if you did that or not, it should be a simple yes or no answer, with no two ways or disagreements regarding it.
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key result's prerequisites are either black or white and there are no ambiguities. When the assigned period (typically a financial quarter) comes to an end, the key result is announced to be met/achieved or not. An objective can work on a long-term basis, rolled over for a year or longer but a key result evolves with the progression of work. Completion of every key result linked with an objective translates into the achievement of that particular objective. If this isn’t the case, the OKR was not properly mapped out.
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