30-Second Brain, Anil Seth
Anil Seth

30-Second Brain

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Are we all at the mercy of our brain chemistry? Do you think that the amygdala and the hippocampus are fantastical sea monsters? What can an MRI scan tell us? Could you explain to dinner-party guests why we don’t giggle when we tickle ourselves?

30-Second Brain is here to fill your mind with the science of exactly what’s happening inside your head. Using no more than two pages, 300 words and an illustration, this is the quickest way to understand the wiring and function of the most complex and intricate mechanism in the human body. Discover how the networks of 90 billion nerve cells work together to produce perception, action, cognition and emotion. Explore how your brain defines your personality, and what it gets up to while you are asleep.

Illustrated with mind-bending graphics and supported by biographies of pioneers in the field of neuroscience, it’s the book to get your grey matter thinking about your grey matter.

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axon A long, thin fibre extending from the cell body (soma) of a neuron, conveying its output in the form of a spike (nerve impulse or action potential) and enabling communication with other neurons. Each neuron will have at most one axon. Axons typically split into many separate branches before connecting with the dendrites of other neurons.

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