A Room with a View, E. M. Forster
E. M. Forster

A Room with a View

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In it we meet young Lucy Honeychurch and her cousin Charlotte Bartlett, who have gone on tour to Italy. During their stay they meet a series of interesting characters, including George Emerson, the son of an eccentric gentleman. The conflict between Lucy’s choice of the unusual George, or the her more conventional English suitor Cecil, forms the crux of Forster’s critique of contemporary English society.
Despite the novel being a societal critique, the prose is light and studded with Forster’s easy witticisms. In 1958 Forster added an appendix elaborating on what occurred to the main characters after the novel’s end: the two world wars figure largely in their futures.
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Any one can find places, but the finding of people is a gift from God.
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“About old Mr. Emer­son—I hardly know. No, he is not tact­ful; yet, have you ever no­ticed that there are people who do things which are most in­del­ic­ate, and yet at the same time—beau­ti­ful?”
“Beau­ti­ful?” said Miss Bart­lett, puzzled at the word. “Are not beauty and del­ic­acy the same?”
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One doesn't come to Italy for niceness," was the retort; "one comes for life.
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