Every Word You Cannot Say, Iain S.Thomas
Iain S.Thomas

Every Word You Cannot Say


**I know you don’t want to talk sometimes. Sometimes because it hurts and sometimes because you’re just not supposed to talk about what you want to talk about. Sometimes it can be hard to say, “this is beautiful,” when no one else can see what you see. Or, “Here, this is where the pain is.”  But some part of you knows, the truth about the words you cannot say is that they only hurt until you say them. They only hurt until the person who needs to hear them, hears them.  Because we are human, and the closest we’ve ever come to showing each other who we really are, and how we love, is with words. So I’m going to try to say to you here, what I wish you’d say to me too. Please.
Listen. We can change things.
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Kierra Nieves
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omg, I felt like this book truly spoke to me and to me only. As if it was a family member giving me advice and saying that they knew me more than I thought they did. I think I really needed to hear a lot of what was said tbh.

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Really unaesthetic illustrations, but might be a motivational poetry for someone)

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And I want you to know that despite how wrong everything seems right now, you are someone special, in someone else’s story.

You are not reading this alone.

You are a part of so much.
Laurencia Kelsey
Laurencia Kelseyje citiralaпрошле године
Everyone you meet along the way is just someone at a different point in their story.
So be patient and kind.
But don’t let anyone tell you how your story should go.
Luna Anabel
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Now listen:
You are made of good things.
You are capable of incredible things.
You are a song the universe sings itself,
in every color it can imagine.
Some parts are sad.
Some parts are happy.
Every part of the song, is a part of you.

Listen to the sound of the universe.

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