The Smart Entrepreneur (Part IV: Marshalling resources), Bart Clarysse, Sabrina Kiefer
Bart Clarysse,Sabrina Kiefer

The Smart Entrepreneur (Part IV: Marshalling resources)

114 štampanih stranica
The Smart Entrepreneur features real-life case studies as well as in-depth analysis by authors with direct experience of developing start-ups and venture coaching. Also available as a full ebook and print edition, here The Smart Entrepreneur has been divided into four mini-manuals: Idea creation and evaluation; From idea to business proposition; Proof of concept; and Marshalling resources. Each section offers practical advice and guidance to cover all aspects of your venture, from building a smart business proposition to assembling a dynamic team, carrying out affordable yet effective market research and seeking investment. Part IV describes the resources – primarily human and financial – you need to bring a business to fruition, and discusses how to work out a strategy and roadmap for obtaining the most suitable resources at the right time.
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