Editors of Outdoor Life,Aram von Benedikt

The Ultimate Backcountry Survival Manual

This comprehensive survival guide from the experts at Outdoor Life features essential tips and information for any outdoor adventure.
Whether you’re planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail or camping off the beaten path in your nearby state park, being out in the wild comes with inherent risks. From the everyday disruptions to the extreme circumstances, The Total Backcountry Survival Manual has you covered.
Prepare and Plan
From fishing weekends to the hike of a lifetime, preparation is important. Here you’ll find tips on essential gear, smart packing, map reading and much more.
Trail Threats
Learn how to get by a damaged section of the trail, deal with mountain lions and coyotes, prevent injury, and more.
Camp and Eat Responsibly
From spotting a good camping site off the trail to controlling a campfire and getting sustenance— find all the practical skills you need to live on the trail.
How to Make it out Alive
Know the essential Dos, Don’ts, and Musts of how to get out when everything goes wrong.
Find these top tips and more in The Total Backcountry Survival Manual, all brought to you by the professionals who’ve done it all—and lived to write about it.
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