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Michael Kardos


A fast-paced, page-turning thriller for fans of Michael Connelly and Linwood Barclay.
With nothing left to lose you might as well risk it all.
Natalie Webb has taken the gamble of her life. To survive the night, she will have to use every trick she can — each stack of the deck could be her last.
Lured by a $1.5 million payoff, former card-trick prodigy Natalie has accepted a dangerous proposal from a beguiling card shark: to cheat the table at a high rollers' private poker game.
But blindsided by her own dazzling sleight of hand, Natalie hasn't realised the rules of the game have changed…
'Hopelessly addictive' MEGAN ABBOTT.
'Bluff climaxes with a spin worthy of the most adept con artists' BOOKLIST.
'A master at ratcheting up the suspense' LISA SCOTTOLINE.
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