Napoleon Hill,Lao Tzu,Sun Tzu,Marcus Aurelius,James Allen,Benjamin Franklin,Joseph Murphy,Wallace D. Wattles,Florence Scovel Shinn

Road To Success: A Classic Self-Help Books Collection

The road to your success is not a highway. You have to create it as you go.

This collection of 10 classic self-help books was built for people willing to achieve the incredible journey of life with a certain dose of success.


1. Benjamin Franklin — The Way to Wealth
2. Florence Scovel Shinn — The Game of Life and How to Play It 3. James Allen — As A Man Thinketh
4. James Allen — From Poverty to Power
5. Joseph Murphy — The Power of your Subconscious Mind
6. Lao Tzu — Tao Te Ching
7. Marcus Aurelius — Meditations
8. Napoleon Hill — Think and Grow Rich
9. Sun Tzu — The Art of War
10. Wallace D. Wattles — The Science of Getting Rich
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