Paul J Bennett

Temple Knight

Life took a twist she never expected.

All Charlaine ever wanted was to follow in her father's footsteps until she was forced to leave her old life behind to save her family. Now, as a Temple Knight, she finds herself alone in a distant realm, unaware of what the future demands of her.

Her hopes for a new life are dashed the moment her past catches up with her. Labelled a troublemaker, it’s only when raiders begin harassing the coast that Charlaine's true mettle emerges.

Suspecting all is not as it seems, she hatches a plan that reveals a far greater danger than anyone ever imagined.

With her new family of Temple Knights, Charlaine leads them in a desperate gambit to thwart the ambitions of a mighty foe with the power to destroy them all.

Journey along with Charlaine deShandria as she chases her destiny in the action-packed, intrigue-filled Temple Knight, the first book of Paul J Bennett's newest epic fantasy series, Power Ascending.

Seize your copy of Temple Knight today to unleash your inner warrior.

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