Eckhart Tolle,Robert S.Friedman

Milton's Secret

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Eckhart Tolle has a simple message for everyone – living in the Now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment. With co-author Robert Friedman and illustrator Frank Riccio, Tolle now brings his message of the power of Now to children. MILTON'S SECRETis the charming story of Milton, a bright, cheerful boy, who learns to overcome his fear of bullies and other scary things that sometimes frighten children. Children follow Milton's adventures as he learns to stop projecting his past fears into the future – and live simply and happily in the moment. MILTON'S SECRET will not only appeal to the millions of readers of Tolle's other books, but also to any parent who wants to help their young children overcome typical childhood fears.
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    Lovely and easy to explain to kids. Fabulous pics

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