Alper Girgin

First 100 Days at Corporate Life

A new graduate, Mark Twin, joins one of the famous Chocolate Companies (TBC) as an assistant brand manager. With this first step to TBC, he starts to discover the challenges of working at corporate life. Fortunately, he is immediately assigned into a new product launch project by his manager and new difficulties are on the way for him. But every challenge brings its own opportunity…
Will he be able to learn to find the answers to the questions below and learn to manage the challenges of corporate life?
How do the new beginners perceive corporate life and how does it really operate?
What are the core responsibilities of functions/departments and how can a new beginner learn to manage the workflow?
What are the common cases that a new beginner may come across in corporate life ?
What is the importance of networking & stakeholder management in corporate life? How do you relate your case/analysis to your key stakeholders?
How can you manage your attitudes under challenging, difficult circumstances?
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