Paul Tagney

English Short Stories

«An exceptionally well written collection of 60 short stories, each having five questions with multiple-choice answers, and some extra questions to further animate student-teacher conversation. Divided into three groups of 20 stories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, these stories describe family, places visited and lived in, daily life in Vancouver, Canada, various fun activities, different interesting jobs, and many special aspects of nature and wildlife. The stories can be used as language lessons on their own, or as part of a course with other language books and methods. All topics are presented in an original, highly creative, literary manner, and will definitely stimulate conversation between tutors and clients. Paul’s natural talent for writing and describing people, places, and things shows clearly in each story. The stories are a great reading experience for native English speakers too, simply based on their well-written, poetic content.»
78 štampanih stranica


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