Addison Jones

Wait for Me, Jack

“Spanning 60 years, Jones’s deceptively casual, episodic novel is a warm-hearted dissection of a dysfunctional marriage. . . . Uplifting and astute.” —The Sunday Times
Married in 1952, Jack and Milly meant to live the American Dream—but over six decades, the dream has changed for their country and for them. Wait for Me, Jack takes us from the aches and indignities of old age back to the exhilarating early days of a new relationship. An insightful, funny and, at times, devastating dissection of marriage, exploring what makes people stay together—despite everything.
“A frank, earthy and drily amusing portrait of a marriage.” —The Herald
“Brilliantly observed and often very funny.” —Morag Joss, award-winning author of Half Broken Things
“Uplifting and astute, this book should save marriages.” —Tim Pears, The Sunday Times (A Top Summer Read)
“Most moving novel of the year.” —Andrew Greig, author of John Macnab
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