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Their final project involves crafting three completely different versions of their next five years.
From Evaluation to Inspiration,”
our actions lead to our passion
Passions are not innate, but grow from our experiences.
The Invention Cycle
• Imagination is envisioning things that do not exist.
• Creativity is applying imagination to address a challenge.
• Innovation is applying creativity to generate unique solutions.
• Entrepreneurship is applying innovation, to bring unique ideas to fruition, inspiring others’ imagination.
Imagination leads to creativity.
Creativity leads to innovation.
Innovation leads to entrepreneurship.
ve taught a course called Creativity and Innovation for over a dozen years, and for most of that time I used the words imagination, creativity, and innovation almost interchangeably. I taught a set of skills and tools for reframing problems, challenging assumptions, and connecting ideas; however, I didn’t have a larger framework into which they fit.
And third is a clear road map for moving from inspiration to implementation.

Mind map

second is a specific set of tools for solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities that you inevitably encounter along the way

2nd motivation

entrepreneurial mind-set that allows you to see the world as opportunity-rich.

Motivator 1

Thirty years later, I believe there are three crucial elements needed to build a bridge to the future you want to create:


We so often listen but don’t really hear, touch without really feeling, look without really seeing
looking at something briefly doesn’t necessarily mean really seeing
First, passion follows engagement. You can best envision what you hope to accomplish after experiences that pique your imagination.
Attitudes and Actions of the Invention Cycle
• Imagination requires engagement and the ability to envision alternatives.
• Creativity requires motivation and experimentation to address a challenge.
• Innovation requires focusing and reframing to generate unique solutions.
• Entrepreneurship requires persistence and the ability to inspire others.

I don’t have the last part, perhaps it is the gap that I need to fill in

our actions lead to our passion, not the other way around.

What if we are trying to crest a better version of ourselves, what then ?

Mark Runco and Garrett Jaeger of the Torrance Creativity Center at the University of Georgia, reviewed the range of scholarly definitions for creativity in a Creativity Research Journal article titled “The Standard Definition of Creativity.” In summary, they write, “Creativity requires both originality and effectiveness. . . . Originality is vital for creativity but is not sufficient. . . .
Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in this field, notes that “creative ideas don’t have to be original to the whole world, but they must be original to you, and they must have value.”
Power is your perception of your ability to affect the world around you. Whether this be through raw physical power, or large amounts of money, influence, expertise, intelligence, high social status and so forth. We look for clues of power in the person’s appearance, in others’ reaction to that person, but most of all in the person’s demeanor in their body language. . . . The MIT Media Lab was able to predict the outcome of negotiations, sales calls, and business plan pitches with 87% accuracy without listening to a single word of content, only by analyzing the voice fluctuation and the facial expression of the person pitching.
Presence, Olivia says, is the core of charisma. We all recognize when we’re with someone who is distracted and clearly not present. This lack of focus instantly destroys his or her charisma. Think of how you feel when someone looks at his or her cell phone in the middle of a conversation, or glances over your shoulder to see if there is someone more important in the room. Those with presence never do such things. They behave as though you are the only person in the room, and everyone and everything else has evaporated. No one can fake presence, because it’s obvious if a person isn’t fully engaged.
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