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50 Japanese Short Stories for Beginners

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Learning Japanese is hard and everyone says so. But not with this Japanese book.Whether you're a just starting out or are already familiar with the Japanese language, this book will help you with expanding your Japanese vocabulary and improve your reading skills while having fun.

This book contains 50 entertaining and culturally interesting Japanese short stories for beginners and intermediate Japanese learners.

The Japanese stories are written in Hiragana, Katakana, and about 250 basic Kanji characters which correspond to the advanced beginner and low intermediate levels. All the stories include the Japanese reading aid Furigana. Each story is followed by a paragraph-by-paragraph English translation, which will certainly speed up the the learning process quite a bit.This book also includes a reading guide that explains the basics of the Japanese language and its characters. You get many practical examples on how to read the characters and you can also use this book as a language learning tool or Japanese text book to advance with your Japanese skills at your own pace.

1.   The Tokyo Fish Market
2.   Buddhism in Japan
3.   Lost in Tokyo
4.   Teaching in Japan
5.   Karaoke Japanese Style
6.   Saving Face
7.   Faux Pas in the Restaurant
8.   Just a Couple of Drinks
9.   Humour Is if You Still Laugh
10.  A Special Geisha
11.  A Happy Marriage
12.  Under the Lamp Post
13.  Group Learning
14.  I Marry My Office
15.  Dialogue — Today We Have Rabbit
16.  Dialogue — Dining European Style
17. The Tourist Guide
18. Inexpensive Shopping in Japan
19.  Born in Michigan
20.  Easter
21.  Foreigners in Britain
22.  Kindness
23.  My Hobbies
24.  Studying Abroad
25.  A New Recipe
26.  Social Media
27.  Vegan Food
28.  Bad Luck
29.  Our Hotel
30.  In the Theatre
31.  Dialogue — Where is Our Cat?
32.  A Special Public Swimming Pool
33.  On Fridays We Go Swimming
35.  Best Friends
36.  The Order
37.  Food Poisoning
38.  New Year's Eve in Europe
39.  The Circus
40.  The Car Accident
41.  A Japanese in Munich

Japanese Short Stories for Intermediate Learners
42.  The Polish Maid
43.  Americans in Germany
44.  The Treasure in the Forest
45.  The Barbecue Evening
46.  How to Find a Billionaire on a Cruise Trip
47.  Crowdfunding for a New Kitchen
48.  A very Catholic Irish Family
49.  I Meet You in the Sauna
50.  Classic Story: The Legend of Princess Kaguya
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