Lisa Bingham

After the Fall

The author of Into the Storm presents an epic tale of courage, danger, and love, set in the Pacific at the dawn of World War II.
In late 1941, the Philippines is a haven for those intent on shedding their pasts and reinventing themselves. Lt. Riley Gilhouley—the Great Gilhouley—keeps the troops well stocked in contraband as he seeks the attention of Maj. Rosemary Dodd, a by-the-book officer who leads her nurses with expert care. Ex-priest John Macklin searches for absolution, but finds himself tangling with Glory Bee O’Halloran, a stripper hired to take off just enough clothing to throw the troops into a frenzy.
But when, mere hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attack the Philippines, the island haven explodes into the chaos of battle—and amid stolen moments and secret missions, all their lives will be forever changed. . . .
Set in a besieged country waiting in vain for help to arrive, this stunning novel from a “master storyteller” offers a blend of riveting history and heartfelt emotion (Affaire de Coeur).
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