The Last Tycoon, Francis Scott Fitzgerald
Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The Last Tycoon

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The Love of the Last Tycoon was left in draft form at the time of Fitzgerald's death. After his notes were edited by the literary critic Edmund Wilson, the novel was published in 1941 as The Last Tycoon, but The Love of the Last Tycoon is thought to have been his preferred title.

An exposé of the Hollywood studio system in its heyday, this edition reproduces Fitzgerald’s unfinished manuscript, pairing it with his essay The Crack-Up, which tells the story of his sudden descent at the age of thirty-nine from a life of success and glamour to one of emptiness and despair, and his determined recovery.
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The motors were off, and all our five senses began to readjust themselves for landing. I could see a line of lights for the Long Beach Naval Station ahead and to the left, and on the right a twinkling blur for Santa Monica. The California moon was out, huge and orange over the Pacific. However I happened to feel about these things – and they were home, after all – I know that Stahr must have felt much more. These were the things I had first opened my eyes on, like the sheep on the back lot of the old Laemmle studio; but this was where Stahr had come to earth after that extraordinary illuminating flight where he saw which way we were going, and how we looked doing it, and how much of it mattered. You could say that this was where an accidental wind blew him, but I don’t think so. I would rather think that in a ‘long shot’ he saw a new way of measuring our jerky hopes and graceful rogueries and awkward sorrows, and that he came here from choice to be with us to the end. Like the plane coming down into the Glendale airport, into the warm darkness.
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ferred to him, but all the time watching the table behind the pillars.
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‘Isn’t that swell?’ And the man named Dick kept standing up in the car as if he were Cortez or Balboa, looking over that grey fleecy undulation

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