James Weir,Eugene Buchanan,Jason Smith

Ultimate Paddling Adventures

Ultimate Paddling Adventures takes you on a thrilling tour around the world's best paddling spots — from the frozen expanses of Alaska to the tropical rivers of South America. Explore the rivers and seas of Europe and visit the stunning waters of the Far East, Australasia and the Pacific. There are exciting adventures that will appeal to everyone from novice to expert. Stunning, full-page photographs put you at the heart of the action, while inspirational descriptions allow you to dream of being there. It's perfect for planning your next paddling adventure, or alternatively allows you to indulge in some armchair paddling in places to which only the most adventurous will go. From a leisurely SUP in a breathtaking Swedish archipelago, where you can stay in the King of Sweden's bed (for free!), to an adrenaline-fuelled whitewater kayak down Chile's Inferno Canyon, this book has it all. This includes gentle lakes and rivers, crashing surf, dramatic coasts and the oceans beyond them. All types of paddle craft are included from canoes and kayaks to SUP boards and packraft. Every continent is covered, so expect to find places you've paddled alongside those you never knew existed. Each entry is accompanied by useful information such as the experience required, how to get there and what else to do once you are there. Discover where you will paddle next — in reality or in your imagination.
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