Face, Benjamin Zephaniah
Benjamin Zephaniah


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In this startling debut novel from Benjamin Zephaniah, the author tackles the moving and compelling story of a young man, Martin, whose life is completely changed when his face is badly scarred in a joyriding accident. Brilliantly written with a real ear for dialogue, this is Benjamin Zepaniah breaking new boundaries.
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It’s a very Morden day book and it probably helped other people

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‘Close my eyes. What’s the matter, boy? Don’t you want me to see you? Look, everyone else is watching, I wanna see too!’

The laughter got louder and now the crowd, girls and boys, started to shout encouragement.

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Natalie was her own person, an individual who just happened to be going out with this kid who thought he was a clever dick.
But as each member of his class raced past him, he looked lonely and neglected, slowly packing his books into his old leather briefcase
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