Joan Grace Amira

The Art of Self-Esteem

“Increase your self-esteem and confidence with this book.”

Do you want to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence? Then be sure to check out The Art of Self Esteem. This life-changing book will help you become stronger, more powerful, and more accomplished in all areas of your life. Each entry features simple techniques that will help you build a more positive mindset, increase your self-esteem, remove self-doubts, and increase your overall self-confidence. The Art of Self Esteem is a revolutionary book that will teach powerful techniques to help you change your entire life. Pick up this book, change your life, and believe in yourself!

In this book you'll learn about:

Low self-esteem symptoms

Focused on Outside Reassurance

Seeing your strengths

Questioning Your Limiting Beliefs

Consider the Consequences of Your Limiting Beliefs

Choose a New Empowering Belief

Practice Affirmations

Change Your Self-Talk

Eliminate Judgment

Incorporate Self-Care

Enhancing positive feelings through action

Let go of Perfectionism!

Practice Gratitude

Meditation for Building Self-Confidence


Mindful Meditation


Relaxation Through Concentrated Breathing


And so much more!

Grab your copy today!
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