Frida & Diego: Quotes, Maria Tsaneva
Maria Tsaneva

Frida & Diego: Quotes

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This Book of Quotes includes important phrases by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera selected and translated by Maria Tsaneva in corresponding English-Spanish paragraphs. The book is excellent way to read Paragraph by Paragraph Translation as each individual English paragraph is paired with the corresponding Spanish paragraph. The paragraphs are not long, so there is no need to do a lot of back and forth to see the English translation and the Spanish text.

Frida and Diego was a legendary couple, they both were revolutionaries and artists. Although Frida lived in the shadow of Diego, and shared his ideals, she created a painting entirely personal, metaphorical and naive derived from her exalted sensibility.
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All I know is that I paint because I have the need to do; I paint what always goes through my head without any other consideration.
Lo único que yo sé es que pinto porque tengo la necesidad de hacerlo, pinto siempre lo que me pasa por la cabeza sin ninguna otra consideración.
Doctor si me deja tomar este tequila le prometo no beber en mi funeral.
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