Rachel Caine

Devil's Due

The New York Times–bestselling author of Devil’s Bargain brings back two kick-ass female private investigators in a case of premonitions and peril.
While Jazz Callender is recuperating from nearly losing her life during their first case for the mysterious Cross Society, Lucia Garza hires a new investigator to their firm: none other than Ben McCarthy. The former Kansas City cop has finally been exonerated of murder, and just in time. Jazz and Lucia have received a new red letter. 
But instead of instructions for a high-priority case, this missive contains nothing but a warning: “One of you has made a mistake.” And it’s on letterhead from the Cross Society’s major adversary in a psychic war. With Ben filling them in on his past secretive dealings with the organization, Jazz and Lucia start to believe they may be in bed with the enemy, one that they’ve underestimated at their own peril . . . 
Praise for Devil’s Bargain
“Rachel Caine gives us a major savvy, swift and smart heroine in a tense, fast-paced story that demands to be read in one sitting! I’m addicted for life and can’t wait for her next book!” —P. N. Elrod, author of Drawing Dead and Other Stories
“Filled with murder, mystery, bad ass chicks and a good ole kick in the head twist.” —Under the Covers Book Blog
“A fast paced, action packed thriller with a paranormal twist.” —Book’d Out
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