Philip José Farmer

The Unreasoning Mask

A novel of alien gods, monsters, and galactic destruction from the New York Times–bestselling author of the Riverworld series.
Captain Ramstan commands the crew of one of the only alaraf-drive vessels capable of instantaneous travel between two points of space. While on an official scientific surveillance expedition, he revises their mission to join the search for a missing ship. But instead of the spacecraft, they discover a planet in its death throes, decimated by meteors that have been launched with extreme velocity from just outside of its atmosphere. The ultimate source of the destruction, however, is beyond anyone’s imagination . . .
Ramstan may be the only man who can stop the world-destroying entity known as the “Chaos-Monster” before it follows in their footsteps to Earth. A stolen alien idol offers aid—though at a price. But there are those who hear his warnings as nothing but the rantings of a delusional madman, and Ramstan will have to put his career—and life—on the line to prove that, though he might not be the savior the universe wants, he’s exactly the one it needs.
Praise for Philip José Farmer
“An excellent science fiction writer.” —Isaac Asimov
“[Farmer’s work is a] blend of intellectual daring and pulp fiction prose.” —The New York Times
“Farmer offers his audience a wide-screen adventure that never fails to provoke, amuse, and educate. . . . His imagination is certainly of the first rank.” —Time on The World of Tiers
“The greatest science fiction writer ever.” —Leslie A. Fiedler, author of Love and Death in the American Novel
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