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How to Prevent Rape

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How to Prevent Rape The best Rape Prevention book out there today! Includes steps for prevention, warnings and tips! A Must Read For any Woman! Stay Protected, Stay Informed, Feel Safe with the help of this Fantastic Book! Highly recommended!
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  • Jan Max Jessenje podelio/la utisakпре 5 година

    It reads like someone who watches way too much series like svu and movies in that genre.

    The formatting is messed up so much I'm not sure if all the typos aren't just formatting errors.

    ... Just remember with the assailant in the car, he (or she) can foil the attempt in many ways - keys, stick, handbrake and so on not to mention the steering wheel is not out of reach...

    A must read for people that needs the last push to become crippling paranoid.

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