Alcamia Payne,Izzy French,Beverly Langland,Kitti Bernetti,Amelia Fox

Painted Lady

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A collection of five erotic stories celebrating full-figured fabulousness!

Painted Lady by Amelia Fox Patrick is an artist who wants to paint the perfect voluptuous woman, and he thinks he might have found her in the form of Victoria. Victoria thinks it's just going to be another life class assignment, but as the initial sketches progress, Patrick starts to find he has a desire to really paint Victoria. And it isn't very long before she becomes impressed with his brushwork.

Mama Nana by Alcamia

To Michael, a writer living in Paris, Mamma Nana is a strangely exotic and compulsively attractive Jazz singer. He becomes entranced by the large, dark skinned woman, much to the anger of Maxine, his girlfriend. But when Mama Nana's birthday party ends and the bar clears, the only people left are Michael and Nana, and Mama don't take no for an answer.

Two for One by Kitti Bernetti

Sometimes an offer seems too good to be true, and sometimes the person offering it doesn't come through with the goods. Which was Craig's modus operandi – all flirting talk and no action. That is until two women decide it's time to take control of the situation and hold him to his promises.

Workout by Beverly Langland

Some people go to a gym because they want to, while others go because they feel they have to. Or in this case in order to please Roger by losing a few pounds here and there, even though Julia really doesn't want to. But then, in the showers after a round of aerobics, Helen shows Julia just how enjoyable a really professional workout can be.

The Ivory Tower by Izzie French

Universities can be dry and dusty places, and so can the professors and the dons. Which was why researcher come personal assistant Charlie loved it when her new office turned out to be at the top of one of the towers. Then Professor Markham calls by and before long the two of them are discussing more than just extra-curricular activities.
These stories have also been published in Ultimate Curves ISBN 9781906373788
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