Kitty & Virgil, Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey

Kitty & Virgil

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A “luminous” story of love and sorrow spanning from London to Romania, from a prize-winning novelist (Publishers Weekly, starred review).
Kitty Crozier first laid eyes on Virgil Florescu, a dissident poet who swam across the Danube to escape Ceausescu’s Romania, in the hospital. She woke up after surgery to find a stranger sitting beside her bed gazing at her. He just smiled, then stood and left the room.
She next sees him in London’s Green Park picking up litter from the grass with a long spike. So begins the most important, most demanding, most exhilarating relationship of Kitty’s life. As their love for each other deepens, their previous lives, and very different families, reveal themselves to be oddly connected, in this novel from a recipient of literary honors including a Somerset Maugham Award, an E. M. Forster Award, and a George Orwell Prize, as well as two Man Booker Prize nominations.
“At once a wistful and tender love story and a harrowing account of how people from two utterly different cultures and ways of looking at the world can find, then lose, each other . . . Virgil is a superb creation.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)
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