Struggle, Lisa Jane Smith
Lisa Jane Smith


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Torn between two vampire brothers
Damon: determined to make Elena his, he'd kill his own brother to possess her.
Stefan: desperate for the power to destroy Damon, and protect Elena, he gives in to his thirst for human blood.
Elena: the girl who can have anyone finds herself in the middle of a love triangle . . . one that might turn deadly.
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Катерина Петрова
Катерина Петроваje citiralaпре 3 године
Do you like dancing?” Damon said.
Elena’s fear drained away, and she laughed. But instead of taking his hand, she turned away. She moved lightly, not glancing back to see if he was following her. She knew he would. She felt wonderful right now, so alive, so beautiful. Dangerous? Of course, this game was dangerous. But she had always enjoyed danger.
He reached out, but caught only the jeweled chain at her waist. He let go quickly, and, looking back, she saw that the pronged setting on one of the gems had cut him.
His eyes flashed at her sideways, and his lips curved in a taunting smile as he held the wounded finger up. You wouldn’t dare, those eyes said.
Boldly, Elena took

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