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“This splendid story collection is a sword through the heart.”—Ben Fountain
From the O'Henry award-winning author comes a heartbreakingly beautiful and brutal collection of interconnected stories that explores the lives of five generations of a family fragmented by the Pacific side of World War II.

Spanning more than 150 years, and set in multiple locations in colonial and postcolonial Asia and the United States, Inheritors paints a kaleidoscopic portrait of its characters as they grapple with legacies of loss and displacement, identity and erasure, imperialism and war.
In “Train to Harbin,” winner of an O. Henry Award and praised by Molly Antopol as “epic in its exploration of history, war, loyalty, and trauma,” a retired doctor is forced to confront the moral consequences of the experiments he pioneered in his youth. In “Willow Run,” ambitiously told in the form of a one-sided interview, an elderly Japanese woman volunteers her…
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