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Julia Quinn

Just Like Heaven

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Once again, #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn transports her readers to historical romance heaven! Quinn’s Just Like Heaven is the dazzling first installment of a delightful quartet of Regency Era-set tales featuring the romantic exploits of the well-meaning but less-than-accomplished Smythe-Smith musicians—in this case, a beautiful violinist in the pitiful group who has her sights set on marrying the last unwed Bridgerton…unless her handsome, love-struck guardian has anything to say about it. Bridgerton fans will cry, “Encore!”—as will every reader who adores England’s Regency period and great love stories that are smart, witty, and lighthearted.
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    “Well, please do be careful of infection,” Honoria said, somewhat more forcefully than was de rigueur. “If it grows red, or swollen, or even worse, yellow, then you must see a doctor at once.”
    “Green?” he quipped.
    “I beg your pardon?”
    “You listed so many colors about which I must be wary.”
    For a moment Honoria could only stare. Wound infection was not a laughing matter.
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    “I’m going to do you a very big favor.”
    “I really wish you wouldn’t,” Honoria said weakly, because surely nothing good could come of that expression on Lady Danbury’s face.
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    You were a very good tree.” She smiled then, too—a radiant, wondrous thing. “The world needs more trees.”

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