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Ben Okri

The Freedom Artist

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One of 2019's most anticipated novels in THE TIMES, IRISH TIMES and GUARDIAN.
'Where fiction's master of enchantments stares down a real horror, and without blinking or flinching, produces a work of beauty, grace and uncommon power' MARLON JAMES, winner of the Man Booker Prize 2015.
An impassioned plea for freedom and justice, set in a world uncomfortably like our own, by the Man Booker-winner Ben Okri.
In a world uncomfortably like our own, a young woman called Amalantis is arrested for asking a question. Her question is this: Who is the Prisoner?
When Amalantis disappears, her lover Karnak goes looking for her. He searches desperately at first, then with a growing realization. To find Amalantis, he must first understand the meaning of her question.
Karnak's search leads him into a terrifying world of lies, oppression and fear at the heart of which lies the Prison. Then Karnak discovers that he is not the only one looking for the truth.
The Freedom Artist is an impassioned plea for justice and a penetrating examination of how freedom is threatened in a post-truth society. In Ben Okri's most significant novel since the Booker Prize-winning The Famished Road, he delivers a powerful and haunting call to arms.
'Ben Okri is that rare thing, a literary and social visionary, a writer for whom all three — literature, culture and vision — are profoundly interwoven' ALI SMITH.
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    hawkinsemmaпре 4 године
    They would begin to wonder if the world had changed overnight and become tinged with a nightmarish quality or whether it was they who had changed.
    hawkinsemmaпре 4 године
    Because people believe what is small in them rather than what is great.’
    hawkinsemmaпре 4 године
    Everything is only death. Death is all there is. The rest is illusion. And life is the biggest illusion of all.’
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