We Should Get Together, Kat Vellos
Kat Vellos

We Should Get Together

We Should Get Together is the handbook for anyone who’s ready for better friendships, now.

Have you recently moved to a new city and are struggling to make friends?
Do you find yourself constantly making plans with friends that fall through?
Are you more likely to see your friends’ social media posts than their faces?

You aren’t alone. Millions of adults struggle with an uncomfortable and persistent ache: platonic longing, which is the unfulfilled wish for authentic, resilient, close friendships. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Making and maintaining friendships during adulthood can be hard—or, with a bit of intention and creativity, joyful.

Author Kat Vellos, experience designer and founder of Better Than Small Talk, tackles the four most common challenges of adult friendship: constant relocation, full schedules, the demands of partnership and family, and our culture’s declining capacity for compassion and intimacy in the age of social media. Combining expert research and personal stories pulled from conversations with hundreds of adults, We Should Get Together is the modern handbook for making and maintaining stronger friendships.

With this book you will learn to:

Make and maintain friendships when you (or your friends) keep moving
Have deeper and more meaningful conversations
Triumph over awkwardness in social situations
Become less dependent on your phone
Identify and prioritize quality connections
Find time for friendship despite your busy calendar
Create closer, more durable friendships

Full of relatable stories, practical tips, 60 charming illustrations, 55 suggested activities, a book club discussion guide, and 300+ conversation starters, We Should Get Together is the perfect book for anyone who wants to have dedicated, life-enriching friends, and who wants to be that kind of friend, too.
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