K.J. Joyner,Tim Belcher

The Page of Cups

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Psst. Hey, bub. Wanna learn how to make mead?
Mead making is an ancient craft that predates even yesterday and has been passed on from beekeeper to drunk to drunk. Some say this skill predates the Dark Ages or video games. Now is your chance to become the mead master!

This mead brewer's cookbook has step by step instructions, illustrations, and recipes. Most importantly it has sarcasm — oh the sarcasm barely contained within these leaves! In fact, after writing this it might have taken the author six years of constant therapy just to be able to walk outside again.

Rack up your honey and fire up the stove. It's mead making time!!

«It was so hilarious I couldn't put it down!» — our next-door neighbor.
“My girls loved it!” — some beekeeper somewhere
«The end notes were fantastic!” — we can't remember who said that, but we're sure they meant every word.
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