The Black Arrow (zh-cn), Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Louis Stevenson

The Black Arrow (zh-cn)

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“Black Arrow” tells the story: if to say “Black Arrow” is the most famous works of Robert Luis Stevenson (1850 – 1891), which I do not believe. However, if this novel, along with his other creations together firmly established him in position of new romantic writers in the nineteenth Century of the British literature, it is not an exaggeration, although it is in subject matter totally different with the “treasure island” (also translated as “treasure island”) and “Jekyll and Hyde”.
The so-called new romantic literature, in general, that is different from the British Romantic Literature during the first half of the nineteenth Century. “Black Arrow” is a historical novel taking Britain at the early stage of the rose war as the background, describes the story of hero Richard went through all the hardships, overcame the evils with Daniel as the representative, and married with Chawla.
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