The Fast Beach Diet, Mimi Spencer
Mimi Spencer

The Fast Beach Diet

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From the author of the bestselling 5:2 Fast Diet and Fast Diet Recipe Book. Mimi Spencer presents the super-fast 6-week programme to kickstart your Fast Diet for summer. Based on the original, bestselling Fast Diet, this book offers an enhanced approach that will take you off cruise control and give your 5:2 lifestyle a sensational summertime boost. The Fast Beach Diet includes: A clear 6-week plan to encourage fat loss of up to 2lbs a week New tips and clever tricks to get you through your Fast Days Habit-busting ideas to jumpstart your non-Fast Days A brilliant new HIT exercise programme to maximise your fitness and fat loss – in just five minutes a day 30 fresh new calorie-counted summer recipes, plus meal plans and food and exercise trackers Motivation and 5:2 support to rev up your Fast Diet and get you fit for life Think of it as a boot camp for the 5:2. For six short weeks. Whether you're a woman with a bikini deadline or a man on a mission to fitness – or simply interested in better health – the Fast Beach Diet is for you.
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day. In 12 weeks on this diet I lost 9kg (nearly 20lb) and 4 inches off my wai
leptin and ghrelin, two of the hormones that govern appetite
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