Jonathan Gabay

The Brand Messiah

Totally enthralling. Highly controversial. A gripping true-to-life page-turner from cover to cover. Sam Roberts is the head of one of the world s most successful and stylish branding agencies. He is rich, good-looking and in much demand by his corporate clients. Like the brands he promotes, Sam exudes a sense of control and power. Then suddenly recession deepens and advertising budgets slump. Despite even a brand-sponsored multi- billion feel-good Olympic Games, confidence is at an all-time low. Consumers are running out of trust and cash. Cynicism is the new capitalism. Sam s own personal and business life is about to be turned upside down. The repercussions could not only change him, but the world as he knows it… Full of poignant characters, The Brand Messiah is a formidable, fast-moving page-turner featuring a realistic storyline full of unexpected twists drawn from some of the world s most sacred texts. The Brand Messiah is a timely modern-day parable full of prickly realities that compel us to jangle along to the puppet master s brand-selected music of choice. Prepare for a disturbingly apocryphal tale.
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  • Katerina Safronovaje citiralaпре 7 година
    Desires drive ambition. Ambition encourages dreams to be realised. If necessity is the mother of invention, then desire is the father of momentum that grows economies.

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