Paul J Bennett

Temple Commander

With a new rank comes great responsibility

Newly promoted, Charlaine deShandria is sent to the very borders of the mighty Halvarian Empire. There, she finds a beleaguered kingdom, weakened by intrigue, facing possible annihilation.

Surprised to discover her new command filled with untested warriors and inexperienced captains, she struggles to prepare them for battle before the war erupts. Reinforcements finally arrive, but they are led by an old adversary whose very presence bodes ill for the order.

When Danica moves the Holy fleet westward, she brings them into direct conflict with the empire's ships. Finding no friendly ports in which to seek shelter, they are forced to brave the storm-ravaged seas of the north.

Can they stop the empire's tide of tyranny, or will another kingdom fall to the relentless army of Halvaria?

With the possibility of invasion looming over their every move, Charlaine and Danica prepare for the fight of their lives in Paul J Bennett's Temple Commander, Book Five of the Power Ascending series.

March into action when you tear into your copy of Temple Commander today!

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