Ziauddin Sardar


Islamic culture has produced some of the finest achievements of humanity. “Introducing Islam” is a fascinating look into a sometimes misunderstood faith.
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    This book is educational, entertaining and most of all comprehendible. You are never to focused on something to small and meaningless, and never lost in the whirlwind of the timeframe or historical perspective. This book has changed the way I view the world and will carry the lessons with me always


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    When you go to visit the sick, comfort them in their grief by saying, ‘You will get well and live long.’
    The Qu
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    To bring about a just reconciliation between two contestants is charity, helping a person mount his animal or to load his baggage onto it is charity, a good word is charity, to remove obstacles in the street is charity, smiling upon the face of your brother is charity…sexual relations with your spouses is charity.
    Prophet Muhammad
    The Revelation
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    The best richness is the richness of the soul;

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