Fabulous Fashions of the 1950s, Felicia Lowenstein Niven
Felicia Lowenstein Niven

Fabulous Fashions of the 1950s

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In the 1950s, women showcased their hourglass figures with cinched waists and full skirts. Their hair looked elegant and stylish in poodle cuts and bouffants. Men sported gray flannel suits and pompadours or duck tails. The term teenager was coined and companies recognized the spending power of this particular group. Elvis Presley ruled the airwaves while Marilyn Monroe was queen of the silver screen. Read about the fashions, fads, pop culture icons, and world events of the 1950s.
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This was the new look for the fifties. It was much more feminine than the utility look of the past decade. Best of all, you could use as much material and decoration as you liked. The war was over, and material was available.
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Some of today’s fashions were created by designer Bonnie Cashin back in the 1950s. Do you have a roomy turtleneck that you can pull over you head? Do you wear layers of clothing? Do you own a tote bag? Those and more are thanks to Bonnie Cashin. They were all created with the modern woman in mind.
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