Hero For Hire, Jill Shalvis
Jill Shalvis

Hero For Hire

167 štampanih stranica
The Case of the Missing Heiress
A baby left on a doorstep, an heiress presumed dead, smuggled gems, cover-ups…and murder.
To the Trueblood, Texas, P.I. agency, Finders Keepers, it's more than solving the mystery. It's about reuniting a mother, a child…and a family.
A Sister's Secret
Brazilian heiress Terry Monteverde was supposedly killed in a tragic accident. But how could a dead woman give birth to a baby? Bounty hunter Rick Singleton goes underground in Rio to find out. His only lead is Terry's sister, Nina Monteverde. She's sweet, shy — and not telling what she knows. Rick's a dangerous man to cross, but Nina's not afraid — Rick is. He's defenseless against her innocent charm. And that scares the hell out of him.
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